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New Makeup Tricks For Getting More Out of Your Products 2010-11-18 09:00:44

5 Beauty Products You Should Totally Misuse

I intentionally misuse makeup every day. In fact, when I'm not testing products, my regular beauty routine consists of at least three cosmetic items that I use for something other than their designated purposes. And a lot of the time, I find that I like products better and get more use out of them when I turn them to "off-label" purposes. Want to see which items in your makeup bag you should definitely try putting to other beauty ends? Then just keep reading.

  • Lipstick as blush — This is an old trick, but it's pretty great. Lipstick has a gorgeous translucence on cheeks that's very natural-looking. Plus, it's buildable, and deep or long-wear shades stain nicely for hours.
  • Lip gloss as eye shadow — If you want a sheer, shimmery wash of color on your eyes, swiping lip gloss (preferably of the less sticky variety) across your lids is easy and very pretty.
  • Hand salve as lip balm — Lots of lip balms dry lips out, but using a (nontoxic, of course) hand salve on your lips instead can plump them up without chapping them later. Another great balm substitute? Aquaphor, which is intensely hydrating and emollient.
  • Concealer as lipstick — Everyone's always looking for the perfect nude shade when it's usually sitting right in their purse. A light dab of your concealer over a neutral pink lip liner creates a sexy but not severe nude lipstick look, and because concealer is designed to stay in place, the wear is pretty good, too.
  • Mascara as eyeliner — You can use mascara just like liquid liner; all you need is an applicator brush.
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Join The Conversation
curLRocker curLRocker 6 years
imagining the sticky, slimy feeling of lipgloss on my eyelids is making my skin crawl!!
girlfunkmusic girlfunkmusic 6 years
The only one I really disagree with is lipgloss as an eye shadow. C'mon now. Everyone knows that is not for your eyes for good reason. The creasing would happen in less than 10 minutes...and even just the unsanitary nature of it. yuck.
Miss-Bree Miss-Bree 6 years
I often do the concealer as a lip shade when I'm doing an extra-intense smokey eye and I always get compliments on it. I'm always a little hesitant about using lip gloss as an eye shadow. Can it harm your eyes if it gets into them?
BlondeGordon BlondeGordon 6 years
Mascara as eyeliner ... genius! I'm going to try that immediately.
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