These new revolutionary lip powders glide on like a lipstick, yet they come packaged in the form of a powder. Just swipe a lip brush across one or all four colors to create a smooth, velvety finish. I was definitely wary at first, but after trying them, they actually feel very cool on your lips. I can't wait to hear what you think.

Laura Mercier Evolution of Colour for Lips, $28, is four different moist powders (if you can believe that!) in one chic palette. The premise behind the palette is to make your makeup transition from day to night super easy!

The lip powders are made from: castor seed oil and vitamins E and C to moisturize your lips and ensure they are long lasting. They also won't cake or feather in the corners of the mouth (ew) and they all come with a mini lip brush and mirror inside the compact. I've tried the rosebud palette and I'm hooked! Available in five different color spectrums.

For one more powdered lip color,

Jay Manuel's Manual Override Lip Boost Compact, $29.50, is a quad of powdered lip colors that can be worn on top of lipstick to enhance the color, or they can be worn alone and blended together until you find your own favorite shade!

This new, cool lip formula comes in a mirrored compact that also includes a clear sealant to add extra shine.