When opening the new Hello, Flawless! compact by Benefit, I got flashbacks from disasters of years past; that explains my higher-than-normal nervousness about powdery foundation. Since this product comes with both a sponge and a flat brush, I went for the sponge first and smeared some makeup on my skin: Way too powdery for my tastes, just as I'd expected. I'd yet to try the brush but, feeling far from open-minded, I set the product aside 'til the following day. The next morning I opened the two-tray, mirrored container and took out the brush to give it a whirl and, wow, was I pleased with the results.

For a sheer finish, use light quick strokes from the center of your face outward with the brush – it totally helped even out my skin tone with what a pal called a "magazine-ready finish," and it didn't look cakey. Word to the wise, it is on the messier side (as with any loose powder) so be careful to not get it on your clothing, too! Now, I'm just using a light daily dusting of this product over moisturizer. Four of the six shades are available online, and they should all be in stores within the next few weeks. I never thought I'd say this, but I love my powder makeup!