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New Product Alert: C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Collection

One of C.O. Bigelow's most popular products is its Mentha Lip Shine (and since Fab is a fan, you know it's good stuff). This week, the apothecary is introducing Mentha Body, a collection of mint-infused soaps, creams and lotions. I got a sneak peek at the products and I like them quite a bit. The fresh, invigorating scent is reminiscent of a candy cane, but it's not so overwhelming that you'll walk around smelling like one of Santa's little helpers. For a rundown of my favorite products, and to find out why guys will like them too, read more

I tried a few items from this line, and I would recommend them for anyone who likes to "wake up" in the shower rather than wind down. My favorite was the exfoliating soap ($7.50), a bar soap with crushed walnut shells to exfoliate dead skin. (If you're not a fan of bar soaps, you might like the Smoothing Body Buffer ($14), which uses sugar crystals to slough away flakes and dull skin.) I also liked Vitamin Body Lotion ($14). It's a good moisturizer for average skin; I keep it at my desk so I can keep my paws soft throughout the day. And then there's the Vitamin Body Wash. I had mixed feelings on this one. The scent is wonderful and it's a big pick-me-up when I'm sleepily showering in the morning. But, like so many minty products, you really don't want to use this stuff on the, er, sensitive body parts. So just be careful with it around your nether regions.

Overall, the Mentha Body line is great to stock in the shower—especially if you live with a guy roommate, a boyfriend or a husband. The fragrance is minty, and in my completely unscientific test, it pleases the male beast. After I quietly put this in the shower, a freshly washed Mr. Bella specifically mentioned that he liked the body wash. The body wash is launching with a special promotional price of $5, which is reasonable, so why not give it a whirl?

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