The latest launch from Clarins is a new lip gloss called Gloss Appeal. I seriously need to get a handle on my lip-gloss fetish. With well over 75 glosses in my bathroom, why do I still get excited about the prospect of owning more? I think that lip gloss reminds me a lot of what Frances McDormand once said about shampoo in the movie Friends With Money.

She said something to the effect of every time she washed her hair in her youth, she looked at it as another chance to make herself more beautiful. That statement resonates with me, because I somehow think that if I find the most flattering lip-gloss shade in existence, I will become a lot prettier. I feel a little bit silly admitting this, but then again, I'm not sure that I'm alone.

Okay, so, back to the gloss. It contains hints of gold and silver shimmer as well as a plumping agent to create a super-shiny, light-catching effect. It is formulated with vitamin E to soften the lips and olive oil to help hydrate and protect them. The result is a sparkly, smooth, and more defined smile. In addition, the gloss is said to have a sweet flavor — bonus! Gloss Appeal is currently available in eight shades and sells for $19 each.