Laura Geller's new eye brow-enhancing product is called Long-Lasting Color Brow Marker ($19.97). Not only do I love the fact that this is another easy-to-apply, fool-proof makeup pen, but this brow fixer-upper is different from some of the others on the market because once it dries, it won't smudge or budge throughout the day.

This is a great solution for those of you who've overplucked and need a hand filling in thin or bare spots. The pen has a soft tip and from what I understand, the result is a natural, not overdrawn look. In addition, for every product that is sold, Laura Geller will donate $1 to Joan's Legacy, a lung-cancer research foundation.

To use it, shake the pen and apply a light layer to the natural shape of your brows. Wait about 20 seconds for it to dry, or use the time to blend the color. If it looks light, add another layer for a darker effect. It's available in taupe and brown; to read about which color is right for you,


  • Taupe looks best on those with blond, auburn, or gray hair.
  • Brown looks best on those with black, dark-, medium-, or light-brown hair.