Ramy Beauty Therapy just launched a lip treatment called Lip Oil ($18). These deep lip conditioners are made with almond oil, jojoba oil and collagen-enhanced marine spheres to create plump, juicy, nourished and hydrated lips.

I just love this concept. Instead of using an ordinary lip balm to coat the lips, these oils absorb quickly and penetrate deeply into the lowers layers of skin to smooth out dryness and cracks in the surface and prevent further chapping.

They are available in three different flavors; mint extract, orange oil and rose milk to make the experience even more delicious. My only question is, won't the oil run all over your mouth?

The directions say to apply with your fingertip or directly from the dropper and blend, so maybe it's not quite as runny as I think. Overall, this newbie sounds pretty exciting — I'm not sure how long I can resist a flavored, deeply nourishing lip plumper. If anyone tries it, please report back with a comment or a private message.