By now, you may have noticed that I am a huge fan of Givenchy makeup. I discovered the line about seven months ago, and each time I try something new, I fall more deeply in love. The brand's latest launch is a lipstick called Rouge Interdit ($26).

This ultra-creamy, soft lipstick glides on like buttah! It’s as though you are putting on a rich, creamy ChapStick that smells great and has a long-lasting pigment behind it. For the first time in a lipstick formula, liquid crystals have been layered together to allow several colors in the light spectrum to reflect all at once. I told you Givenchy doesn’t mess around.

The lipstick also has really great packaging that makes for a luxurious designer accessory. Created by two graduates of the Saint Martin’s Art and Design College in London, it comes in a sleek black case with a silver tube that you access by pulling on a black grosgrain tag. It’s all very classy. There is even a Givenchy logo that connects the ribbon to the tube. Givenchy also has Liv Tyler — just as gorgeous as the lipstick — as the face of its ads for this product. Available in 24 shades.