TIGI has just come out with a 1875 Watt Fibre Optic Tourmaline Active Ionic Dryer ($49.99). The dryer has cool and easy to detect "gem-colored" heat indicators that allow you the choice to dry your hair with negative or positive ions. Blue means it will dry your hair more quickly, and green means that it will open up your hair cuticles to boost volume.

Other features include an airflow concentrator (you know, that narrow nozzle attachment), a diffuser (to help create waves), a light motor, a cold shot button, two heat choices, two speed choices and a three-year warranty.

Supposedly, it also really helps reduce frizzies. I'm curious to know how well it really works, or if it is more of just a gem gimmick than anything. This is one of the least expensive tourmaline dryers I've seen, so my interest is definitely piqued.