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New Product Alert: Trish McEvoy Brow Builder

New from Trish McEvoy is Brow Builder ($32). This makeup pen was created to help give thin or sparse brows a little bit more life. Simply twist the bottom of the pen and wait for the fibrous nylon gel to make it way through the chamber.

Apply the comb-tipped applicator to your brows and fill them in with small strokes to ensure the color gets distributed evenly. If you fancy fuller eyebrows, all you have to do is extend your strokes slightly outside of your natural hair line.

But please use a gentle hand — you wouldn't want to wind up looking over-drawn, fake and severe! Brow Builder is available in either light or dark shades to match most hair colors, but if you are a redhead, I suggest blending in a bit of auburn eyeshadow for a more natural look.

irbrenda irbrenda 9 years
I tried both Shades 1, which is light brown, and Shade 2, which is much darker, the shade I need. I think the product is difficult to work with. The applicator comb clogs up with hairs, it's messy, and I even tried using a very thin brush which is nearly impossible to use because you have to squeeze out alot of stuff from the tube to do so. It does not go on smoothly. It dries hard, with scattered hairs out of place that I had to pick off my lid! When I finally got one brow done, it looked odd, kind of Groucho Marxish. I used the product for 3 days, and each day I couldn't understand why my eyebrow started to itch. And you know what happeed whe I scratched it....the hairs started to fall onto my face. And yes, they also run if you get caught in a heavy downpour. The product is now in File 13.....wasted $78 with the tax from Nordstrom. I guess I should have returned both of them.
actorgirl21 actorgirl21 10 years
I'm an esthetician and makeup artist. I went to a demo for a different line promoting basically the same product a few months ago. I must say that I think for this to work and actually look good you must have a really steady hand and a lot of time. All of the finished models I saw with their new eyebrows looked ridiculous. I looked like they just slapped some clear glue on your face and threw some hair at it! If anyone uses this product, I'd love to know what they thought of it. Perhaps the applicator here makes it easier...
stormynite03 stormynite03 10 years
sounds interesting, I may have to check this out
danig danig 10 years
so it's fiber huh, like lash primers?
gimmesweeps2 gimmesweeps2 10 years
any new lotion with the term butter in it cant be half bad can it?*///*-*//
gimmesweeps2 gimmesweeps2 10 years
this looks something i should try. im would be all for it~ouild b
veronicaraye veronicaraye 10 years
Looks cool.
tati33 tati33 10 years
sounds interesting..
sapphire3245 sapphire3245 10 years
wow great new product love it
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