These new Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains ($22.50) are slightly different from the other cheek tints on the market because they are infused with shimmer. They are also water-resistant and sweat-proof which makes them perfect for beach beauty!

They are truly long-lasting, they give you a natural-looking glow and they can be used as both a cheek or a lip stain. That's all great, but the only issue I have is that you have to work quickly to blend before they dry. Once the color sets, you're pretty much stuck with it all day. My advice is to apply to one cheek at a time and start off lightly, since you can always add more.

The stains are available in three colors:

  • Bellini Love: warm, shimmery pink
  • Dolceacqua: shimmery plum
  • Fresh Water Rose shimmery silver-plum

I recommend using Bellini Love while summer's still going strong, then going with one of the plum shades for fall. It's not too far away, you know!