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Does Comparing Your Body to Other Women's Make You Feel Better? Or Worse?

New site My Body Gallery is founded on the premise that, if you get to see photos of other women whose bodies are like your own, it can help with body image issues and give you a more subjective view of how you "really" look, since most women believe themselves to be wider and heavier than they actually are. Body hate is an issue that really is vital to address; poor self image adversely affects so many areas of a person's life, and it's rampant. However, I'm not certain that comparing my body to other people's is actually helpful. To see why I can get behind this site's motives, but perhaps not its reality, just keep reading.

Body Gallery lets you choose height, weight, body shape, and a bunch of other parameters so you can find women who are supposed to reflect your own shape. The goal is to have you look at them, think "wow, these are beautiful bodies!" and feel good about your own form.

When I actually clicked through the photos of me-shaped ladies, though, I just ended up feeling bad that my waist isn't smaller and that my thighs are more prominent than my chest. "At least with models in magazines," I found myself thinking, "I know they're so Photoshopped that it's dumb to beat myself up about not being eight feet tall and made entirely out of unicorn horn."


Which is when I realized what the problem is: me. On Body Gallery, I'm not forced to evaluate images of myself in a more subjective light. I still come with all the baggage I have about my body. So some people, like myself, will end up feeling worse about themselves because women the same height and weight look "better."

Alternately, there's also the possibility that people who adjudge their bodies more attractive than the women they're given for comparison will gain confidence not in solidarity, but because they're "beating" other people with similar frames, and that's incredibly unhealthy, too.

I realize that many other people may find the site wonderfully affirming, but I just left a little bummed and torn down by the same niggling internal issues it's supposed to help with. Would using Body Gallery make you feel better, or do comparisons do more harm than good for you, too?

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CoMMember13628217848086 CoMMember13628217848086 4 years
This site is stupid..... why would you think that you have to lose anything to look pretty or perfect???? all this does is promote girls and women into unhealthy actions like eating disorders and body images. which most already have if they are looking at a site like this.... most have low self esteem which is why they compare in the first place. wanting to be "more like that, have better this..." and so on... leaving out the fact of genetics, etc. and most models have eating disorders are unhealthy and their photos are infact photo shopped to make them look like the perfect woman. girls and woman alike should love themselves no matter what shape or size they are... and the fashion industry should be held responsible for what they have caused over the last 30 years or more. and I am not without my own unhealthy actions and low self esteem etc..... I have almost died from anorexia.... I too have fallen prey. I will not allow my daughter to look at those girls, magazine, fashion etc and be sucked in... idolize etc. she is her own person... with the right to be who SHE is. Love her size and her body the way it is... the way it was meant to be. and I love her for that. if only I could have done that. if only every single one of us could.
mrlipscomb mrlipscomb 5 years
I actually like this site a lot. I was able to see that women my size looked good if they dressed nicely and if I lost only 10 lbs, I would look pretty much what I find ideal. In both my pre-kid and current size comparisons on the site, the women who looked best were dressed better. The slouches looked awful even if skinnier.  After having children I feel so much more overweight than I actually am. I see loads of obese people and wonder, am I that big? It was nice to learn that I am not. 
runrup runrup 6 years
Part of the issue why it won't work is because the very same people who judge our bodies (us), are uploading our pics and are also judging the shape of our own bodies, which in turn may not be correct at all. I think I'm pear shaped...maybe someone else would look at me and consider me hourglass. It's always perception, whether mine or yours or your nosy neighbor's.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
I've always been told not to compare body to others. Everyone is unique even twins.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Totally unhelpful. Why are some of the women my same height and weight wearing a dress size four smaller than mine? And then why are some of my-size women obese looking? And then- at the side there's a stick thin Victoria Secret model... double unhelpful.
neonbee neonbee 6 years
I checked out the website and I entered my measurements. Shockingly enough, the women there who supposedly have the same measurements as me don't look like they have the same body type as me. I don't know whether I like the site. But I agree with Andrea, comparing will drive you crazy.
Icequeen81 Icequeen81 6 years
I thinki comparing will make u nuts
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