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New Study Examines Reasons That People Use Tanning Beds

Who's Still Visiting Tanning Beds? You Might Be Surprised

This girl, for one. Clearly she hasn't heard (or doesn't care about) the news that tanning beds can cause cancer — and neither have the people in a new Archives of Dermatology study. Researchers surveyed 2,869 adults to examine who's fake baking and why they do it. Some findings after the jump.

How prevalent is it? 18.1 percent of women and 6.3 percent of men reported tanning indoors in the past 12 months.

Who's less likely: Older, less educated, lower-income women who regularly use sunscreen.

Who's more likely: Midwestern and Southern women who use spray-tanning products.

As for the men: Spray-tanning men who lived in cities were more likely to fake bake than older, obese guys.

Additionally, the study found that only 13.3 percent of women suggested shunning tanning beds as a way to avoid developing skin cancer. Basically, people still aren't getting the message. At the risk of sounding preachy, tanning beds are such a bad idea. Unless you want to develop a naugahyde-like complexion and increase your melanoma risk, stay away from these bad boys.

totygoliguez totygoliguez 6 years
This is very sad. I have never been in a tanning bed, and I'm not planing on starting now. The orange look is not beautiful and it doesn't look right. Healthy is beautiful.My mom will soon be 60 and she has never over-exposed herself to the sun, and has one of the most beautiful, healthy skins I have ever seen, and people think she is 36. Tanning ages you and dying from cancer in not pretty.
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 6 years
I think I saw this clip on a show somewhere... when I was flipping channels. She was also on the show with her mom and her mom, well, it wasn't pretty because she was a an extreme sunbather. She is probably very self conscious because of her weight, but bleached hair and tanned skin often is enough to get attention. I think she's going to look really bad in about 10 years, and possibly have put on more weight like most people naturally do as they age. I'm a Make-up Artist, and people always ask to cover sun damage or fill in wrinkles.. but I don't carry model clay around to completely smooth their face. Someone should give her spf 100 in a gallon pump bottle for Christmas!
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Oni1, I think the persona is amplified for the cameras, too. It's too far over the top. She's definitely not a native Californian; I can hear the Midwest in her vowels. Sounds like she's from Wisconsin or northern Illinois. But hey, the act gets her on TV, and lots of people wanna be on TV these days. Leeluv, I'm with you. Have never gone to a tanning bed, and never will. The thing is, when you're young, you have no idea how much damage tanning does to your skin -- or you think it won't happen until you're old. Nope. You start to see sun damage before people turn 30. UV rays are powerful!
junebrug junebrug 6 years
I don't know what she'll die of first: skin cancer from the tanning bed or a heart attack from that last cupcake. Okay, I'm going to hell but the more and more she talked about how hot she was, the more I wanted to pick on her flaws.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years
I would never use a tanning bed or such product; I would not go near one with a ten foot pole, let alone lay inside to "bake". There are enough volatile chemicals and pollution in the air around us causing damage to the body's cells, why add extra harm by killing the healthy cells and aiding in tumor growth just to be tan? Yet, you can only tell another being so many times that something has a high risk of causing cancer (etc...) and the coinciding risks until finally resigning to the fact they will have to discover the consequences on their own. They are just too thick to grasp the idea, let alone take preventative action. (Be "pale." Ugh. Why be "pale" and lower my cancer risk, when there is an awesome cell destroying tanning bed capable of achieving that crispy aged leather look, a mere five feet away?) Unless these tanning beds/systems were banned, which they won't be anytime soon (look at the trouble just putting an age restriction on them can be), certain sheep will continue to follow one another into a troublesome situation.
BeamerCG BeamerCG 6 years
This is what we call Darwin. If you're dumb enough to use it, then I have no sympathy.
oni1 oni1 6 years
ive seen this girl on at least 3 different reality shows, talking about one thing or another. i think her persona is mostly made up.
AgainAnew AgainAnew 6 years
I think I just threw up a little bit. She thinks she looks good? Humans don't look like that.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 6 years
Is there a reason they had to pick the most airheaded over-done young woman they could find for this? Plenty of well educated women go to the tanning salon once and a while. Just like plenty of well educated women occasionally light up a cigarette, but don't consider themselves smokers. Same difference, really.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Now now, no need to resort to violence. I would love to show her how good self-tanners can be, though. My dermatologist says that he sees young women, barely out of their teens, who have sketchy moles -- and most of the time, they go to a tanning bed. Unicorn, that reminds me of something cute. My mom heard that an oncologist doesn't use microwaves to re-heat his food, so she stopped using hers. Meanwhile, she's been smoking for almost 40 years. I find this half hilarious and half maddening, because I'd like to have her be as healthy as possible.
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 6 years
The whole 'everyone is gonna die from something' cop-out is the same most smokers I know give me. Pathetic.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
watched the video. wishing i hadn't. biting my tongue.
emitheshort emitheshort 6 years
I kind of want to punch her.
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