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New Study Examines Reasons That People Use Tanning Beds

Who's Still Visiting Tanning Beds? You Might Be Surprised

This girl, for one. Clearly she hasn't heard (or doesn't care about) the news that tanning beds can cause cancer — and neither have the people in a new Archives of Dermatology study. Researchers surveyed 2,869 adults to examine who's fake baking and why they do it. Some findings after the jump.

How prevalent is it? 18.1 percent of women and 6.3 percent of men reported tanning indoors in the past 12 months.

Who's less likely: Older, less educated, lower-income women who regularly use sunscreen.

Who's more likely: Midwestern and Southern women who use spray-tanning products.

As for the men: Spray-tanning men who lived in cities were more likely to fake bake than older, obese guys.

Additionally, the study found that only 13.3 percent of women suggested shunning tanning beds as a way to avoid developing skin cancer. Basically, people still aren't getting the message. At the risk of sounding preachy, tanning beds are such a bad idea. Unless you want to develop a naugahyde-like complexion and increase your melanoma risk, stay away from these bad boys.

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