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New Unii Makeup Palette Solution

Makeup Palette: Magnetize!

We love a good palette, but realistically, most have a couple of shades you'll never use. The ones you can customize yourself sometimes knock your stuff around or end up with your colors tumbling out. Enter the brilliant Unii Palette ($29), which you can fill up with your favorites shades from any brand. The case is magnetized, so everything sticks in place, and you can fit more in because there are no slots for specific products. It's a simple solution to a long-standing problem, it cuts down on clutter in your makeup bag, and it's perfect for vacations and nights out.

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dianerdoll dianerdoll 7 years
I've heard about the MUFE ones, where can I buy them online?
pamelafroese pamelafroese 7 years
make up forever just came out with a new magnetize palette, with one large magnetic sheet on the bottom. so far i have several small too faced shadows that i depotted from the glamour revolution and fun in the dark palettes as well as blushes, shadows and bronzers. its 5x7 and $6 for pro members, so probably about $14 regular priced. its AMAZING!
fionaman fionaman 7 years
As much as there are palettes out there that are comparable to the UNII palette, it is not the same. Not only is the UNII more portable and durable than the other ones, but it's able to house brushes, eyeliners, etc. Also it has a rubber casing to ensure that no product leaks out. I actually did a review of it comparing it to other palettes in the market (which includes modifying the MAC palettes):
dianerdoll dianerdoll 7 years
The Yaby palettes are cheaper and just as awesome.
steen steen 7 years
I've seen some more inventive girls do this on various cosmetic boards. They take the existing refillable MAC palettes, remove the top plastic piece of the tray that houses the circular cut-outs, and either use the magnetic strips underneath or replace them with a magnetic sheet, much like the Unii palette but cheaper.
Food Food 7 years
So it accepts shades from different brands?
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