While at the grocery store this weekend, I became momentarily transfixed by the December cover of Marie Claire. Nicole Kidman is on it, looking as flawless as ever. My guess is that the art department gave her a Photoshop makeover, but I am also constantly flummoxed by the lack of movement in Nicole's forehead.

A lot of you think she's had Botox, and well, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. But in the Marie Claire article, she says the rumors are false. Here's an excerpt:

So she hasn't used Botox? "No," she replies, exasperated. "Anybody can do anything to themselves, their bodies. I have no judgment on it. I personally believe in physical health because of the way I was raised. I can't go in the sun; I'm fair skinned. That was a nightmare when I was a kid, but it has some benefits now. It's that simple. I still had one skin cancer on my leg, because I put my legs in the sun."

Nicole is right: Avoiding the sun will prevent wrinkles and cancer, so she's smart to keep her ultra-fair skin out of its rays. But regarding Botox, doth the lady protest too much? I'm not sure if she's gone under the needle, but if she has, I doubt people would jump down her throat. After all, is getting Botox really that big of a deal among famous women these days?