The new issue of Glamour has a lovely photo shoot with Nicole Richie, but what really caught my eye was a quote from Nicole: "The best tip I ever got from a hair pro was to curl my hair with a flat iron." Say what? On second thought, I felt like I may have witnessed this backstage during Fashion Week, but not in the hands of a mere hair novice like myself.

So I fired up a Linea Pro C2 flat iron, which is about as narrow as the barrel of the curling iron I use, determined to end up with elusive Nicole Richie-looking hair. The first thing I noticed was that having to continue to clamp the flat iron while twisting my hair around it was harder than expected. And the resulting curls can only be described as trapezoid-y, with my strands bent into some very unnaturally sharp angles. While I can see that a stylist trying this in one fluid movement (think of curling ribbon) could work, I just ended up wishing my flat iron was round and had a clamp . . . uh, like a curling iron. Have any of you made this work?