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Nifty No-Mess Nail Polish Corrector Pens, Part I

I am overjoyed with all of these new nail treats out on the market! The manicure world used to be super-small, full of the standard lacquers, cotton balls, base and top coats, but now we've got all of these new exciting, mess-free and easy-to-use pen products such as cuticle oil pens and pen nail polishes. But wait, there's more! Here's the first of my two-part series on nail polish remover pens. These will definitely make do-it-yourself manicures a whole lot easier.

Avon NAIL EXPERTS Neat Nails Nail Enamel Corrector Pen ($6) is a fast and efficient way to clean up polish mistakes. For those of you who do a lot of at-home manicures, meet your new best friend.

This pen is perfect for reaching those difficult nooks and crannies in your nails where polish gets trapped. It is pocket-sized, so it's perfect for travel and it won't leave your nails all chalky and white like other removers sometimes do.

For more nifty no-mess nail polish corrector pens,

Sephora Nail Polish Corrector Pen ($6) makes nail polish messes vanish! Just glide the pen over your mistakes for a perfect and professional looking manicure!

Calico Polish Off Pen Pals Nail Corrector Pen ($1.99) not only has a cute name, but it's an inexpensive product that you'll learn to depend on. The felt tip wand is contoured so it's comfortable to hold. I also love that it comes with extra tips, so when one gets dirty you don't have to discard the entire product!

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