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Nintendo Nail Art

Nintendo Nail Art For When You Need to Rescue Princess Peach in Style

Nintendo Nail Art

For anyone who remembers losing whole afternoons (or days, weeks, months . . .) glued to their very not-flat-screen TVs trying to save Princess Peach over and over again, Nintendo nail art is here to activate your nostalgia. Skip down memory lane with these impressively detailed references to some of Nintendo's greatest hits, like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Kirby, and even Animal Crossing.

The Nintendo-themed art will take you right back to the days of trying to sneak your Game Boy into family events, back when using mobile devices of any kind in a social setting was still considered impolite. Keep scrolling for a blast of nostalgia, and perhaps you'll find inspiration to paint your own Nintendo memories, sending a discreet signal of solidarity to '90s indoor kids everywhere.

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