Blame it on that ever-expanding Jolie-Pitt brood: I've been reading lots of reports about the increasing popularity of fertility spa treatments. This is not limited to big cities, where career women may be postponing having children. In Ohio, BecomingMom, a "Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center" offers a 50-minute Preconception Massage for $69, and Peaceful Beginnings in North Carolina offers the same at $40 for 30 minutes.

Many spas list causes of infertility as stress and accumulation of toxins, none of which are causes listed on the Mayo Clinic's website. In fact, really the only cause listed that a woman struggling with infertility may be able to change on her own is consumption of too much caffeine. Traditional infertility treatments can be dangerous and expensive so spas have picked up on the need for something more gentle and less invasive, which may be a good thing. But are they peddling false hope? While alternative treatments may be worth a try, it's worth considering why so few of these spas offer infertility treatment for wannabe fathers.