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There's Oil in Them Thar Skin Care!

There's Oil in Them Thar Skin Care!


Putting oil on your skin might seem daft, but it is not always so. It all depends on what type of oil you choose and what kind of complexion you have. Dry skin? Oil can help perk up dehydrated complexions, especially after months of suffering in cold weather. And while it's wise to check for comedogenic ingredients in general, even acne-prone skin can benefit from certain oils.

The biggest obstacle is getting over the idea of putting it on your face. Fortunately, you need only a few drops to cover all of your face. The idea is to warm the oil with your fingers, gently press it into skin, and if you wish to follow with a regular moisturizer, you can. (I find that I don't need one, though.)

I've been trying out more oils than an Exxon speculator lately, so for a roundup of mini-reviews, read more.


For acne-prone skin: Décleor's ylang-ylang aromessence calms skin and cuts down the number of blackheads. This is the product that first convinced me that putting oil on my skin was not crazy.

For dry skin: The avocado-olive oil blend of Sponge's Ladi Avokanto has earned a cult following. It's rich and emollient, and is particularly soothing if you're using a topical retinoid. Of these oils, it's the one that sits on skin the longest, but in the morning, my skin always has a fresh glow. Not a bad tradeoff.

For the senses: Pomegranate extract provides the antioxidants in Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless serum. It softens, smells divine, and soaks into skin quickly.

For dull skin: Kiehl's recently launched its Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which counts evening primrose oil and squalane (derived from olives) as its key ingredients. The morning after I used this for the first time, I wondered why I was having such a good face day; it wasn't until a few hours later that I remembered what I'd done differently before bed. It's always nice when you see a change, but it's especially nice when you weren't actively looking for it.

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