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Make Mine an Old-Fashioned — Perfume, That Is

It seems like the stream of new fragrances these days is neverending, with every celebrity and design house pumping out at least a couple of scents every season. But what about the classics, the scents of the past? I'm not talking about Chanel No. 5, which has a cult following and survives as much on Coco's legendary life as on the scent itself. Instead, I'm talking about fragrances like Estée Lauder's classic Youth Dew, created in 1953, or Creed's Fleurissimo, concocted in honor of Grace Kelly's marriage to Prince Ranier of Monaco. Older fragrances unfold differently, usually over a longer period of time, tend to be more complex, and have a lot more sillage. To learn more about these old-fashioned perfumes and see a gallery of ones you can try for yourself, read more.

Older perfumes are constructed differently, often using scent combinations that are considered very heavy or dark today. They tend to be more powdery or resinous rather than sweet or "exotic," which are the prevalent trends right now. Many of the perfumes that have survived out on the market have been reorchestrated, but a few have stayed true to their original formulas, and they're sure to give you a sexy blast from the past. It's a completely different scent experience from what you might be used to, and well worth it, so go sniff these out.

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