Oprah Winfrey's fans were excited when she began Twittering earlier this month, and — unsurprisingly — they had a multitude of questions for the superstar. One of the most popular: is that your natural hair, or is that a weave? Through a quick tweet and a fast mention on Friday's show, she answered the question. "Everybody’s like, 'Oprah, we love your weave,'" she said. "This is not a weave, this is my hair."

Here's the proof: A photo of Oprah pre-makeup and prestyling. For years, Oprah's hair has been coiffed by her personal stylist, Andre Walker. And while not everyone can have someone like Andre on call like Oprah can, here's the next best thing: Andre Talks Hair, a 1997 guide to styling hair types of all ethnicities, can be had for just one cent.