Bruce Grayson is the man who makes Oscars makeup happen. As the show's head makeup artist, he knows every trick in the book to get your favorite celebrities' skin glowing before they hit the red carpet. He's revealed the secrets on what celebrities really do to get skin that amazing, and what makeup he uses to get the most famous leading ladies looking gorgeous. To see Bruce's tips so you can get super skin before your next big event, just keep reading.

How do celebrities prep their skin in anticipation of the Oscars?
HD television changed everything, and now with celebrities we have to be really, really conscious about how their skin looks several weeks out. It's just not like throwing foundation on your face anymore. They have to be thinking, "What can I do five to seven days out — or even a few weeks out — to get my face in good condition?"

What do you tell them to do to get their skin ready?
Drink a lot of water, avoid salty foods, reduce caffeine, and get your skin ready with treatments that work more quickly, too. A good one is Olay Pro-x Intensive Firming Treatment Kit; it's got a really nice blend of anti-aging ingredients that make your skin look fuller. I've tried it on a couple of my toughest clients — one being my wife — and it really does work.


How do you get heavily made-up skin to look dewy and natural?
Skin now plays such an important role in makeup that where foundation used to be the last thing you'd think about, now it's the first thing. There's a foundation that I love and that I've been using — Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation — because it's buildable, and it can maintain itself for long periods. There's also the Make Up For Ever HD makeup, which is very popular; I do like that, too. These are makeups that were created out of the necessity to look more luminous and more glowy, but not heavy. I try to keep the cheeks soft and beautiful, too. You don't want it to look like there's too much colored powder on their face. I use a lot of sheer colors instead. Right now, I'm very into cream blushes, blush tints, and sheer blushes. Anything where I can get color in the skin without losing translucency.

What about spray tanning before a big event? Is that something you'd recommend?
People often have issues the day of their event with getting body makeup all over their clothing, but if you spray tan a few days before you can just put that to rest, because it won't happen. So I think it's good, but a lot of the time I see that people don't get the color completely correct. It's either too red and they look like a tomato, or it's overly brown, and you don't want that either. So you have to make sure that [the salon] you choose has a mixture of red-based tanning, yellow-based tanning, or gold-based tanning. The shade is never one color entirely, so you have to get the right combination. There are definitely some good home spray-tanning products, too. St. Tropez is one; for the whole body, the Sally Hansen legs formula is also a good one. Spray tanning a couple days out is best — it'll prevent any transfer, which is the major issue.