Outer Space Fragrances
Space: The Final Fragrance Frontier

How does outer space smell? Apparently, it smells good: I've been noticing fragrances that claim to be scented like the cosmos, and I don't mean Sun Moon Stars from Lagerfeld. Givenchy’s new men's release, Givenchy Pi Neo ($47.50 for 1.7 oz), includes “patented, futuristic” notes. Alain Lorenzo, president of Parfums Givenchy, told WWD that “the initial story of Pi was about a pioneer who happened to be an astronaut. We thought this story is still very current, except that today the unknown world is not space, but the virtual world.”

Speaking of the virtual world, a friend emailed me last night about her latest obsession: a scent that really is galactic. To find out about it,


My friend is interested — some might call it obsessed — with the Cire Trudon Odeur de Lune candle, which has “a composition imagining the scent of [a] satellite orbiting around the earth."* Apparently, that scent involves sulfur, black coal, and a metal infusion.

This trend is really taking flight now, but perhaps Shiseido was ahead of the game. In 2000, the brand procured microgravity research conducted on NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery for a "Space Rose" fragrance note. It’s in the Future Solution skincare line and the now-discontinued 2000 version of the Zen fragrance, Zen Eau de Parfum Aromatique. (A new Zen is about to come out, but has abandoned the intergalactic-ness.)

Maison de Cire Trudon, by the way, is the oldest wax-producing factory in the world. Fans include Louis XIV. If you can't make it over to France anytime soon, you can find the candles at Barneys.


Move over roses and lavender their selling air now aka pollution scents.
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