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Over-The Top Serum Splurges

Sometimes you just feel like indulging yourself in ridiculously expensive beauty products from time to time. Maybe it's your birthday, you've received a bonus, or perhaps you just have a chunk of change that's been burning a hole in your pocket. Regardless of how you've saved your pennies, here are a couple of over-the-top new beauty indulgences to check out. I personally haven't been able to strike gold and try out these items yet, so if you have, I'd love to know how they compare to more affordable brands. Keep in touch!

This month, Chanel is releasing Sublimage Sèrum Essential Regenerating Concentrate, a highly concentrated and powerful anti-aging treatment to partner with its popular Sublimage Cream. The Chanel research team has spared no expense in developing this lightweight serum to help combat wrinkles, firm and hydrate the skin.

So, if a rejuvenated and youthful complexion is what you crave, you can purchase radiance in a one ounce airless pump bottle for $385!

For another totally over-the top serum splurge,


ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum contains a molecule called KGF that aids in plumping and creating a more dewy overall texture to your skin. It also subtly whitens your face for a brighter complexion and offers UVB protection.

The serum comes in a 30ml bottle which costs—wait for it—$600. I guess it costs less than having a major procedure, however, this is a pretty penny to part with for a topical treatment. What do you think of these pricey products?

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