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Overcome the Woes of Winter Hair and Skin

During the winter months our skin gets flaky and dry, our hair becomes more brittle, and because our nails aren't exposed to as much vitamin D from the sun as they are in the summer, they tend to weaken and grow more slowly. So before the temperature plunges below zero and any moisture that's left gets sucked right out of you, take a moment to read about a few simple ways to ensure that your hair and body stay healthy all winter long.

  • Pamper your senses in the shower Showers are your special time to breathe in the stimulating aromas from a shampoo, body scrub, or soap. Choose a fragrance that makes you feel alive and soak it all in! Try not to linger too long, though, because hot water can dry your skin.
  • Face the music It's important to apply a face mask every week to clear out your pores and re-hydrate skin. You should really begin to notice the suppleness and brightness of your skin after each treatment.

For three more tips to help overcome the woes of Winter hair and skin,

  • Lotion up with a thick body lotion so that you don't get flaky hands, legs, and feet. Indulge in products that contain shea butter since it is especially hydrating and protective.
  • Refresh and exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If you want all of that bright and shiny baby skin to resurface, you've got to get rid of the gray, lackluster, and dead skin first. You can exfoliate in the shower or bath, or just do a quick face exfoliation at your bathroom sink.
  • Take special care of your hair Apply a hair mask at least once a week. Pay attention to the ingredients to make sure it's rich in nutrients and essential oils.


Join The Conversation
nopenope nopenope 9 years
I'm back to my routine of coconut oil treatments over night (and washed out in the next shower) to keep my curls and scalp in good shape. It's usually too much in warmer weather, but once a week, at least, in cold weather is perfect.
leanneluvsu leanneluvsu 9 years
Vasaline Cocoa Butter Gel is perfect for those who don't want greasy skin. But, if you need a more intensive moisture, I sugges buying the Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning lotion. Also, try the Health Food and organic food stores. Vitamin Shoppe always has sales on Alba products. They might work.
leanneluvsu leanneluvsu 9 years
An excellent hair mask is Hamadi Shea Mask. Its shea butter-based and is rich in essential oils. I also use Pantene nourishing mask and rinse for a cheaper alternative.
littletrackbabe littletrackbabe 9 years
for my hair i use neutrogena hair mask every three days, and i only shampoo the top of my head everyotherday. the suds that come off are enought to clean my hair. then i use conditioner everyday. I always make sure i put extra on the ends, because they are always drier. Neutrogena Norwegian formula is great. its really thick. and also Vaseline Cocoa Butter, but thats not as thick.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
I hate the constant ashy skin..grr!
lovekailua lovekailua 9 years
it was 81 here today :( winter winter oh where are you. good tips though.
lilren lilren 9 years
Palmer's cocoa butter and bag balm are awesome for combatting dry winter skin.
emalove emalove 9 years
I NEED thick body lotions in the winter, I have eczema and severely dry skin. I HATE greasy lotions though. I think I've tried almost every kind at the drugstore and in my opinion, the best (and most nongreasy) moisturizer for severely dry skin is Nivea Extra Enriched Lotion. It works SO well and costs only about $8. Cetaphil lotion also works quite well. I recently started using a hair mask by Neutrogena and love how soft it makes my hair. I've also noticed that it cuts back on those annoying fly-away hairs and static.
LaDolceVita LaDolceVita 9 years
I always use to find Shea Butter to be too greasy...maybe I was using the wrong one...any suggestions??? Thanks...
Seraphim Seraphim 9 years
my legs are itchy scratchy... must puts the lotion on..hehe
omilawd omilawd 9 years
I just started to get itchy, too. I'm going to have to buy some good, thick body butters this weekend. Any suggestions?
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
I'm itchy already, so I'll be dipping into my shea butter supply big time this weekend.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
SummerBaby I swear by shea butter too.
xdollpartsx xdollpartsx 9 years
ick.. i am feeling it already.. up here in canada it gets soooo dry!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Mmm I do all of these! Have great smelling body wash, do my face mask once a week, put lotion on after every shower, sue a loofah every 2 days, and do my hair mask once a week :)
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
ahhh i love Shea butter!!.. its amazing!!.. i use it every single time i get outta the shower!! :) and in the winter its amazing cuz its soo cold and dry where i live!
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