I'm visiting New York right now, and since I hate checking bags, I didn't pack my beloved Jan Marini glycolic wash because the container is too large for the carry-on. And wouldn't you know it? A tiny pimple is developing. Failure!

Next time I fly the friendly skies, I'm going to be ready with Flight 001's Carry-On Bottle Set ($16). The set includes seven three-ounces-or-less containers inside a quart-sized plastic pouch — so instead of worrying about size issues, I can just decant my cleanser and other must-haves, then be on my way. So easy.

Of course, you can assemble a similar kit on your own to save a few bucks; stores such as Target sell plastic bottles for less than a dollar each. But if convenience is what you crave, Flight 001's version does the work for you.