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This is so dorky, but, um, I like Rick Steves. Yes, he comes off as a little earnest in his travel show, but his website is filled with great ideas. He's a big advocate of traveling with only one bag, and that's just what I'm doing next month. For two weeks, I'll live out of this carry-on bag. A couple of versatile black dresses and a few grooming essentials should keep me in biz-a-ness. I've assembled some of my favorite travel-friendly tips, just in case you're planning to get out of Dodge, too. Check them when you


Don't pack everything. I know it's tempting to pack three lip glosses and acne cream and that restorative hair treatment and, and, and... but don't. You will probably use only the basics, so why pack anything else? (In my case, the only makeup I pack is tinted lip balm, tinted moisturizer and concealer.)

Downsize. Forget full-sized products for a short trip. Instead, use a few small travel containers to hold just enough product. When space is at a premium, every square inch counts.

Restrict your liquids. I'm not checking baggage, so any liquids have to be in containers that hold three ounces or less. Since I'm already downsizing my packaging that should be easy, but when possible, I like to use items that aren't liquid at all. RareMinerals Renew & Reveal Facial Cleanser is great for traveling; it's a powder cleanser that mixes with water, and if I add just a little bit of water, it doubles as a light facial scrub.

Shop at your destination. The next time I am lucky enough to go to France, I won't pack sunblock — because I know that my favorite, unavailable-in-the-States sunblock is cheap there. I always stock up, so I'll just use what I buy there. (And then I ship the rest home because I am a weird hoarder when it comes to this.)

Any other travel tips? Share them in the comments, and be sure to check out my buddy Dorothy's travel site, Jauntsetter. It is filled with travel ideas galore.

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