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Pamper Your Partner: Five Romantic At-Home Spa Treatments for Couples

Hey newlyweds! So what that the actual honeymoon is over? You've got an entire weekend ahead of you to bring sexy back in the comfort of your own home! Wasn't it in your vows to cherish each other for better or for worse? So it's practically an obligation to spoil your spouse now (and vice versa)! Here are five romantic ways to relax and relish in your newly committed love.

With these fun and easy DIY treatments, these indulgences won't cost you a fortune, either. For my list of naughty and nice newlywed spa suggestions,

  • Give each other a massage. Use body lotions or sexy scented oils to create a mellow mood that heightens the senses.
  • Light a few candles, play soft music and then draw a bath for you and your honey. Don't be afraid to mix in scented bath treats to help create a calm and relaxing aroma-therapeutic atmosphere. Bath products will also soften and soothe tired skin.
  • After the bath, lay down and give each other a ten minute foot massage. Not only is this incredibly relaxing but it's also an aphrodisiac (your toes are an erogenous zone).
  • While you're in the moment, why not see if you can get your guy to indulge in a face mask treatment. Although he may resist at first, I'm willing to bet that when it's all said and done, he'll love the results. Plus, if he does this for you, tell him you'll try your hand a round of golf (or whatever it is he's been asking of you)!
  • If you're not really bath people, take a long, hot shower together. Lather each other up with a fresh scented body wash and give each other a three-minute scalp massage. For him, use a clarifying shampoo and for you, it's a great time to let a deep conditioner work its magic. I hope you enjoy these suggestions!


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