I hope you've all been saving your pennies, because an unprecedented shopping opportunity is upon us. Remember how a tipsy Kate lost part of her hair extensions a couple of weeks ago? An enterprising paparazzo snapped it up and is now auctioning the tossed locks on — where else? — eBay.

German photographer John Farr, shown here, has listed the extension, with proceeds from the auction going to anti-drug group Keine Macht den Drogen (No Power to Drugs). "I hope Kate has nothing against this action," he explains in the auction. "Sorry I couldn't ask her for any interview as she was in a hurry."

Bidding, which ends July 3, is already up to 86 Euro, or about $135. I can't think of anything I'd like more than someone else's fake hair. Let's not all fall over ourselves to get in on the action, OK?