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Paris Hilton's 2009 People's Choice Awards Hair and Makeup

2009 People's Choice Awards: Paris Hilton

It remains a mystery whether or not Paris Hilton is dating George Clooney. And if she is, I've got to say that I'm a wee bit jealous. One thing that's not a mystery? The actress/singer/reality show star/designer sure has her signature look down pat.

Glossy pink lips, ample mascara, and wavy locks? Yep, they're all there. Topped off with a feminine floral appliqued dress and her trademark smirk — it's Miss Hilton all the way.

How do you like Paris' hair and makeup? Are you feeling her go-to look or would you have liked to see her do something a bit different? Vote on all of my People's Choice Awards polls here!


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danixk danixk 8 years
she never really does anything different..her looks are all the same. and PLEASE. George Clooney is a lot smarter than THAT!
puddlesworth puddlesworth 8 years
I like it alot!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
I like the pretty girly look even though I hate her.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
I always like her hair, but I think she has an ugly face and I don't think any makeup does anything for her...
--Natalie-- --Natalie-- 8 years
so cheap. she hasn't class at all.
emalove emalove 8 years
She just always looks so Barbie-like and fake to's just not the look that I find attractive. And she never varies her looks.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
It's nice, but it just a case of same old same old...
bananapancake84 bananapancake84 8 years
She just looks so fake. Her eyes are natural brown, her hair is over-processed, and then there's the attitude. Something more natural would look a lot better, in my opinion.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
ImmaDiva ImmaDiva 8 years
i agree, miss aimee b :) a rhyme haha
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I agree with ImmaDiva just because you may think as a person she "sucks" or something doesn't mean she is physically ugly. Although I get a bad attitude can make the most beautiful person appear ugly in retrospect she's not heinous looking at all, just not some people's cup of tea.
ImmaDiva ImmaDiva 8 years
hate her if you want, but there's no way you can't say she doesn't look beautiful here. if you saw a person who looked like this walking down the street, and didn't know anything about them, wouldn't you think they were good looking? i think her hair and makeup look gorgeous :)
lazybones101 lazybones101 8 years
It wouldn't bother me if she was dating George Clooney. One thing for sure we would know about that match is it would be short term. But not sure what is says about George.
lazybones101 lazybones101 8 years
I am just not a fan of Paris. It would be hard for me to vote favorably on anything that had to do with her. She just seems like such a spoiled little primma donna. And the pose she uses for pictures only reiterates that thought.
RussianMeghan RussianMeghan 8 years
I REALLY hope she isn't dating George Clooney, cause he totally deserves better.
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
She always looks bad
cloroxcowgirl cloroxcowgirl 8 years
It pains me to admit it, but she's really beautiful. She just wears too much makeup and her style is so high school, needs to starting dressing like a 27 year old woman. Oh, and I really hope she isn't dating Clooney 'cause ew, I'd lose some respect for him. JMO
outofhere outofhere 8 years
Please stop putting her name and George Clooney in the same sentence. It's enough for me to want to poke my eyes out!
misfitgirl misfitgirl 8 years
I have no comment, lol.
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
That pose looks far too forced and uncomfortable. In terms of make-up and hair, it's so boring. She couldn't do something even a bit more daring, could she?
rachelbojangles rachelbojangles 8 years
that's her go-to look. she should change it up a bit and take out her contacts and darken her hair
JaeB JaeB 8 years
I think her hair and makeup are done well. Very pretty. Especially her curls. I think people are mostly turned off by the fact that it's her, and her much used affected pose.
shafiii shafiii 8 years
Nicky5 Nicky5 8 years
BAD! she needs a makeover!
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
Typically bad.
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