First she was just Paris. Then she was a cancan dancer. After that, a fairy! And now, Paris Hilton is dressed like a topless mermaid to promote her next fragrance.

Either Paris is a big fan of The Little Mermaid (likely) or she's been inspired by Greek mythology (not as likely), because her next scent is called Siren. WWD reports that the fruity floral scent, due out next month, was inspired by mermaids. "Siren is all about being sexy in a playful way. I feel irresistible as a mermaid," Paris said. "What girl doesn’t want to have fun being a fantasy creature that men can’t resist?" (It should be said that in The Odyssey, sirens lured men in, then left their flesh to rot. Paris's interpretation of Homer is far more glamorous.)

The eau de parfum ($45-55) and body lotion $28) will debut at Macy's next month. The scent, as WWD describes it, has "top notes of juicy mandarin, apricot nectar, and frangipani, with a heart of honeysuckle, coconut orchid and water lily. The drydown consists of vanilla beans, sandalwood and creamy musk." Will you hear the call of Paris's Siren, or has that ship sailed for you?