When model Agyness Deyn started dressing like Max Headroom, I figured it was just a harmless nod to '80s style. But now, I'm worried that the decade's look coming back in a bigger, more nefarious way. In Britain, the perm is back in a big way:

Sales of do-it-yourself permanent wave kits have climbed 50 percent in the past year, according to Superdrug. The chain sold more of the kits in the past week than it did during all of February 2006.

I lived through the first, er, wave of home perms, and I have the unflattering junior-high class photos to prove it. But apparently, most of the women buying these perms are in their teens and early twenties, so it's new to them. (Is it only a matter of time before Kelly LeBrock's hair, pictured, is dictating styles?) Can't say this is one retro throwback I'm going to follow, even if it does wind up being the next big thing.

But speaking of perms . . . if you need a midafternoon laugh, I've found a pretty good video clip. To see it,


This clip isn't from the '80s, but it's still worth a view. Ever the comedienne, Giggle says that Scatter Perm would be an awesome name for a punk band.