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PetSugar's Groovy Grooming Goods

PetSugar's Groovy Grooming Goods

All week long, we're celebrating the anniversary of BellaSugar by profiling the beauty routines of the Sugar girls. (If you missed some, check them out.) This morning, it's all about PetSugar, who tells us about the beauty product she uses while taking the cable car to Sugar HQ each morning.

Which beauty products are your must-haves?
Sticking with the traditional five must-haves, I'd say: bareMinerals foundation in medium tan, Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in black shimmer, Dior Diorshow mascara in black, Bourjois multishimmer loose eye shadow in Ambre, and Lancome Juicy Tubes in Toffee Pop. I have mostly eye makeup – tons of shimmery shadows (with a couple of matte ones thrown in), all different brands. Like I commented on that sparkly poll, I like sparkles/shimmer a lot, but less than glitter though. But I've got Urban Decay shimmer glitter, and a sparkly MAC eyeliner pencil. My last beauty purchase was Lancome Cils Booster over the weekend.

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What's your favorite beauty ritual?
Ritual sounds like something that takes lots of patience . . . Much more than I have. I like bubble baths — does that count? I'm obsessed with this bath care store Sabon from New York. Every time I visit, I ship stuff back to myself. So I've got quite the collection of bath mineral powders and scrubs. I learned it's bad to use those exfoliators every day, so whenever I use those, that's a good day. I think North likes it when I take bubble baths too so he can be naughty and jump on the couch while I'm not around to tell him off. Every once in a while, I'll shout "off" and I hear him jump down. But that's the best I can do.

What's your go-to lip product?
Aruba Aloe lip balm: Pure Aruba aloe, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and beeswax. The cocoa butter gives it a slight chocolatey flavor . . . Yum. I haven't been back in a couple years but my parents go several times a year and always send me tubes each time 'cause I like to scatter them all over in my desk drawer, gym bag, car, several purses, etc.

What is your morning beauty routine?
Um, I like sleep A LOT (and I have to walk North, too) so very, very low-key. I love eye makeup so the only variation between day and night is the amount of sparkles! Off the top of my head, all the "beauty" things I do in the morning: wash face with Philosophy Purity Made Simple, add moisturizer, sometimes some foundation primer (but I usually forget), then the five products I mentioned above with a darker eye color shade on top which varies from day to day (today it's bareMinerals pussycat) and then Urban Decay Urban Cowgirl on inner eyes and under brows. Lip stuff I put on during my cable car ride because I keep those in my purse (usually some combination of the Aruba Aloe, Juicy Tubes, and C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine).

What's your signature fragrance?
It doesn't count if you got it free or as a gift, right? In college I was obsessed with Bath and Body Works freesia. Obsessed. I grew out of that before they discontinued it, thankfully! I think that killed my love for anything too flowery (and nothing that smells too fruity either). I prefer tropical or earthy scents like coconut, eucalyptus, verbena, amber, tea, etc.

What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?
Definitely when the employees at Sabon told me keep my body sorbet in the fridge. It feels so much better after a hot shower to put on this coooool lightweight gel. I guess the advice would work with any lotion, but the consistency of this product is super-smooth and non-greasy and chills nicely.

And the worst advice?
The lady at Sephora telling me that I would be able to figure out how to put on fake eyelashes in 10 minutes before the LA party! I still have flashbacks and it took a couple days before I felt like all the glue was out of my lashes!

Any tips or tricks you want to share with readers?
OK, I am beginning to get a complex about this. I don't have any tips or tricks. Don't pick up your dog if you have flavored lip gloss on 'cause he'll probably try to give you a taste. If you don't have the patience to paint your own nails, you probably shouldn't be painting your dog's either. Also dogs can't tell the difference between fruity lip gloss tubes . . . and actual fruit so keep them out of paws' reach. On a more practical level I always want to tell people to have a blast/ drink enough when you go out to not care about rushing to the bathroom to reapply makeup every hour. Oh, and everything's better with a touch of shimmer.

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product?
Revlon ColorStay liquid liner – I've used it since junior high and no pricey brand ever comes close! Hands down, if I could only take one product to a desert island, it would be this liner . . . but for the island, I'd take the waterproof one!

When do you feel the most beautiful?
My hair is the trickiest thing for me to handle and usually the source of my frustration. So I'd have to say after getting a blowout and flat iron.

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