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Petroleum-Free Lipsticks

Is There Oil in Your Lipstick? Not With These

I dare you to watch this footage of the oil spill and not feel angry. While one person can't stop the spill, you can use fewer petrochemicals to decrease demand. Drive less, obviously, but look at your beauty bag, too, since many products use oil-derived ingredients. Next time you're buying a lipstick, why not consider a petrochemical-free version? No, it won't stop the oil from gushing, but it's all about baby steps. These eco-friendly formulas can definitely make you feel a little less anxious. To see some good options, just check out the widget below:

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Beauty Beauty 7 years
I already take the bus — train, actually. :) Like I said, it won't make a big dent, but it can't hurt.
Rosay77 Rosay77 7 years
Thank you for the post. I hate the feel to petrolatum on my lips and the colors of the lip products are pretty.
catherinedevlin catherinedevlin 7 years
This is a silly way to try to reduce your petroleum consumption, all about image instead of substance. The amount of petroleum that actually goes into a lip gloss is so much ridiculously less than the amount your car and your home consume every single day, this is like worrying about whether your celery is "regular" or "diet" in between your trips to the Cheesecake Factory. Furthermore, if the allegedly eco-friendly product is manufactured in a less efficient process - which is quite likely, since making chemicals from petroleum is much easier than making them from most other starting materials - then the "eco-friendly" factory might end up consuming *more* petroleum. Wear whatever makeup suits you best - and take the bus. That's what will actually help.
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