For decades, the Midwest's best department store was Marshall Field's. Situated in the heart of Chicago's Loop, the store took up an entire city block. For generations of Chicagoans, Marshall Field's was the epitome of class, customer service, and elegance. The building is still there, but last year it was bought by Federated Department Stores, which renamed the store Macy's. (Dumb move on their part—many unhappy Chicagoans have been boycotting the store ever since.)

Although I'm sad to see the Marshall Field's name go, there is a good consolation prize. Macy's worked with Philosophy to create the The Frango Mint Diet ($20), a three-in-one shower gel, bath gel, and shampoo. I don't like the "diet" part of the name (do we really need to constantly be reminded to lose weight? Ugh) but I do like the concept. It's modeled after Marshall Field's famous Frango mints, which blend chocolate with a cool mint flavor. The candies are delicious, and this stuff smells just like a fresh box of them.

I've already said that Philosophy's triple-threat products don't work well as a shampoo, so I'd use this just as a bath and shower gel. But how great would it be to slip into a warm, sudsy bath with a plate of Frango mints—real ones—to nibble?