I wonder if the rise in coffee shops that serve frothy-topped cappuccinos and lattes is what's causing this sudden boom in cleansing foams. OK, it's a stretch, but Philosophy has just come out with a new version of its best-selling face wash called Purity Made Simple High-Foaming Daily Cleanser ($21.50 - $34.50).

This light and thin (it's almost watery-looking) liquid cleanser comes out of the pump in a surprisingly lush and sudsy consistency. It has a fresh and slightly floral scent and contains tocotrienol, a more powerful version of vitamin E, for soothing purposes. What it doesn't contain anymore is sodium lauryl sulfate — hooray!

My favorite part is that it's strong-acting, but you don't have that awful, tight feeling on your skin after you wash it off. Instead, your face is clean, soothed, and soft. Also, it's suitable for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and it didn't cause any irritations for me. Do you think you'd be into checking out this new self-foaming cleanser?