I'm a big fan of Philosophy products. I love the packaging, the cutesy names and the way the company always creates such festive items for holidays and celebrations. However, I've found one product that I just can't stand behind. Their Handmade Lemon Custard Hand Cream ($10-$18) has a milky, lemon scent that has a past-its sell-by-date food smell. Mom always told me never to mix lemon with milk, and this is a perfect example why it's a bad idea.

The formula is outrageously thick and although most of the lotion absorbs quickly, what remains is a fair amount of white, waxy residue that looks like clotted curdle in your cuticles. Not only are you left with an itching desire to wipe your hands on your legs (anything nongreasy), but when the smell sets in, you'll be running for the hills to find a sink. I've told you before that I'm a big hand cream gal, but this shea, mango, and cocoa-butter lotion leaves me with nothing but a sour taste in my mouth.

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