Most of you weren't loving Drew Barrymore's black tips when she debuted them earlier this month, but you have to hand it to the girl. She's definitely someone who can pull off the most extreme of styles. "This is the craziest look I've ever given her!" colorist Tracey Cunningham told InStyle. "I used clear foils and a stencil that I made out of paper to get everything to line up," she added. But, those distinctive black tips didn't last that long. At a press event yesterday for her new film, Whip It, the actress flaunted a shorter, all-blond cropped bob instead. This got me to thinking about my own fickle hair-color choices. I've had blond-streaked bangs one day, only to tint them intense red-violet the next. What about you? Do you tend to stick to one color, or are you more apt to switch it up?