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Pit Putty Review

Found! Another Natural Deodorant That Works

I'm always on the lookout for a good natural deodorant — not antiperspirant. (Antiperspirants keep you from sweating, while deodorants just keep you fresh.) Unfortunately, most I've tried are powerless against my armpits' ability to bring in da funk. After running out of Lavanila's version, I tried this Nature's Gate deo. It was the pits, har har.

On a whim, I ordered Pit Putty ($8.95) from Bubble and Bee. It's completely organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. And what do you know, it works. It has a lemon and clove scent that is really lovely, and it's kept my underarms nice and dry. Application is unusual in the sense that you must rub it into your skin, but that little step is worth it. Maybe I'm turning into a giant hippie, but if you can smell good organically, why wouldn't you want to? If you're considering switching to natural deodorant, Bubble and Bee's primer will help you make the transition. And if you do it, let me know how things go.

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