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Plastic Surgeons Put Out Their Own Magazine

You know plastic surgery is big when there's a magazine for it. Launching this month, New You will feature stories with a pro-surgery viewpoint — no surprise, as it's a publication of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Editor-in-chief J.P. Faber told Folio that the magazine's mission is to make cosmetic surgery more mainstream.

The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal choice — no judgments there. But I can't help but think that this magazine will create insecurities where none existed before. The magazine's preview pages aren't exactly promising on that level. One story discusses a woman's "receding chin and beady eyes" before raving about her transformation via scalpel. A line in the table of contents says that when it comes to the nose, "sometimes a little alteration is all you need." (Need?)

Yes, some people have questions about cosmetic procedures, and the magazine might help them learn more. But I worry that the rah-rah editorial may downplay some of the harder questions about surgery. Because it's put out by a pro-plastic group, it's unlikely to highlight the risks of going under the knife — or to reassure readers that they're fine just as they are. You can probably guess that I won't be a subscriber, but what's your take?

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Chicagomarie Chicagomarie 7 years
A magazine called New Beauty came out a few years ago but I don't know if it was still being published. It was for a while. I'm not against plastic surgery, I'm sure I'll get it as soon as I can afford 10,000 that it would take for lipo and a nose job. But people can't take it lightly, it's major surgery and won't fix the deep psychological insecurities that may (or may not) be lurking.
thenekoling thenekoling 7 years
i don't like the idea of this magazine at all. quite frankly, it terrifies me. will this magazine create even more insecurities? definitely... as if almost everything in the media today doesn't already! :(
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
To be honest, I'm really surprised this magazine didn't already exist.
Rigor-Mortis Rigor-Mortis 7 years
Couldn't have said it better myself, Bella. I really cringe when these greedy doctors say that having plastic surgery is "no big deal", when so many procedures can backfire and cause even death. Thing is, if you want plastic surgery, that's perfectly fine, but as a consumer, you have the right to know exactly what your're getting, including the chances and consequences of botched results. Ah well...when it first came out, plastic surgery was all about reconstruction, treating people disfigured in accidents or victims of certain types of cancer. Now it's much more about trying to fit in a very narrow beauty standard, one that is all about being thin, young and white. Sigh.
Glossgirl692 Glossgirl692 7 years
hahah. this belongs in scott westerfeld's books, not reality!
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
Haha, this is crazy! I can just see them trying to toe the line of being politically correct when it comes to peoples ethnic features yet at the same time promoting a little tweak to make your nose smaller, your lips fuller and changing the shape of your eyes
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