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Mobster Moll's Love of Beauty Services Might Have Got Both Nabbed

Mob boss Whitey Bulger and girlfriend Catherine Greig have been arrested after over 15 years on the lam, and it's possibly due to Greig's fondness for cosmetic surgery or beauty salons. The FBI had been chasing Bulger and Greig since 1995 without success, until someone in the bureau hit upon the idea of putting ads about Greig in cosmetic surgery and dental association trades. Most recently, TV spots were created about her (like the one above) and have aired during health and beauty-focused programs women who might know her would be watching.

The pair were arrested in Santa Monica, CA, on June 22, and Bulger is to be indicted on 19 counts of murder. He was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List for years, and it's ironic that someone known for being almost invisible may have got caught because of his companion's high-maintenance beauty habits.

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