Most teenagers find something that they don't like about their appearance. Later, some of us grow to live with these quirks — check out these "flaws" that are actually gorgeous — and many grow to love their crooked noses or big ears. These days, though, they don't have to: More teenagers are turning to plastic surgery to fit in.

Last year, approximately 87,600 plastic surgery operations were performed on teenagers unhappy with an aspect of their appearance. "Sometimes, one hour for an operation and a few days to recover are better than a lifetime of psychoanalysis," said Dr. Frederick Lukash, a New York plastic surgeon who has specialized in adolescents and has performed breast lifts on girls as young as 14.

Plastic surgery is a personal choice, one that I think most adults can consider for themselves. But I'm not sure I would have learned how to be confident with myself if I hadn't pushed past some of the teasing I got as an adolescent — and I certainly know that at 15, I wasn't ready to pick out a car, much less a new face. So what do you think? Is it healthier for teens to endure the teasing from an awkward appearance, or to avoid the emotional pain by going under the knife?