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Play-Doh Scents For Your Grown-Up Self

I have yet to meet a person that doesn't get nostalgic when Play-Doh is mentioned. Whether you were a fan of the spaghetti-making attachment or the hair-growing factory, there was something for everyone when it came to that colorful modeling compound. We all know that Play-Doh has that distinctive musky almond scent, which has been described as an oriental vanilla, but you don't have to go around smelling exactly like the concoction to get the same effect. Here are some options reminiscent of this popular childhood favorite, but with a decidedly more grown-up appeal.

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bellazmom bellazmom 7 years
If you really want to smell like Play-Doh, try Carol's Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure In A Jar. This is the review I wrote: "This product works well, but it is kind of a small amount for the price, and it smells like Play-Doh. The smell isn't unpleasant, but I really don't think it smells like lemon or ginger. However, that said, it works really well. My hands are baby smooth after using this scrub. I am hard on my hands, and anything that makes them this smooth is a keeper." Multiple people commented after me that is smells like Play-Doh whether they loved it or not.
Bebeshopper Bebeshopper 7 years
I'm so glad to know it's not just me that thinks Hypnotic Poison from Dior smells like Play-Doh. It's not a good smell to me.
brandysbug brandysbug 7 years
I have to admit, I do enjoy modeling with Play-Doh with my two year old daughter. I just love breathing in that wonderful scent that reminds me so much of a great childhood! My Mom said she would love to smell like Play-Doh - I've been thinking about getting her the Demeter cologne, but just not sure about that one. Thanks for the other "grown-up" options, Bella!
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