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Love cozy, cute (totally free) slippers? You’re in luck! Play the Dearfoams Slipper Fairy Challenge every day until Dec. 31 for a chance to win slippers for you and your favorite people — plus iPadsTM, FlipTM video cameras, and a $5,000 shopping spree!

Sing it. Sing your slipper-loving heart out. Perform the Slipper Fairy Song and you could win 15 pairs of Dearfoams to share and other great prizes, too.

Say it. Who's No. 1 on your list? Submit a video explaining why, and we might just make your wildest slipper-giving wishes come true. The best entry wins a $5,000 shopping spree!

Tweet it. Follow Dearfoams on Twitter, answer one of our questions, and be entered to win 15 comfy pairs for you and yours.

Match it. Play the online scratch-off game, strike a match, and you could have three pairs of slippers waiting at your door faster than you can say Dearfoams.

Click here for your chance to win! Plus, enter to win a $250 gift card by commenting below — tell us how you’ll be enjoying your Dearfoams this holiday season!

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mermermer mermermer 6 years
This is my first contest on Fabsugar and it has been fun talking about Deerfoams, since they are a quality product. I hope to participate in other contests in the future, too. Thanks!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Wear your Deerfoams to have a Merry Christmas!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Have a nice footrub then put on your Deerfoams. The world will look like a better place!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Deerfoams is just what a girl needs after a really bad day. Have a nice warm bath and get into your robe and Deerfoams, and see if you don't feel much better!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
My sister told me to sandwich 2 Ritz crackers together with peanut butter then dip them into Almond Bark for a great-tasting sweet. I told my sister about Deerfoams; she'd never heard of them. Imagine!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
I love the tall Deerfoam bootees with the red pom-poms. Surely they are appropriate for apres-ski!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Deerfoams are for relaxing. Make sure you have enough time if your life to spend relaxing, and if not, make some!
MetricBlue MetricBlue 6 years
I could really use some slippers for wearing around my apartment!
jmfolker jmfolker 6 years
I would give them to my daughters as stocking stuffers. They loooooove slippers!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Christmas decorations are all about LIGHTS. Do you have LIGHT in your life? If not, you should find some and enjoy it--it makes such a difference. And have Happy Feet in Deerfoams!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
He: I'm going to give you exactly what you want for Christmas. She: Well, good! you can read my letter to Santa and choose one (or more) of the 4 things that are on my list, and I will just be delighted with my present! He: I don't want to read your list to Santa, because then my gift wouldn't be a surprise. She: Who said it had to be a surprise? I'm leaving this conversation and finding someone that will say what I want them to!
Hottotts Hottotts 6 years
Wore out my last 2 pairs of slippers need some more so I can stop wearing SNEAKERS
Yessy-Nia Yessy-Nia 6 years
Dear Dearfoams, I've been a good girl. For Xmas I would like dearfoams slippers for my whole family. All of us sitting around the chimney with glee...
rmmaringer rmmaringer 6 years
I'll enjoy my dearfoams while sitting in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of coffee watching my kids open their presents.
Joan08 Joan08 6 years
I would love to have some for summer..
mermermer mermermer 6 years
Dear Santa: This year I'd like a new white Corvette; a pair of Jimmy Choos (the ones we saw while we were shopping); those 7 for all Mankind jeans that I saw in the Neiman's ad; and PLEASE, A PAIR OF DEERFOAMS. Notice this is only 4 items which is not alot, and you know that I always leave you cookies and milk on the kitchen table, so I hope I can count on you this year! Your friend, mermermer
vhughes vhughes 6 years
My feet get sooooo cold, dearforms will keep me toasty all winter!
eddyrobey eddyrobey 6 years
I wear my Dearfoams in the kitchen, when doing holiday baking. My family knows that, when I'm wearing Dearfoams, goodies are on the way.
garrettsambo garrettsambo 6 years
I'll be enjoying my Dearfoams as I entertain family and friends this holiday. We'll be making fudge, drinking egg nog, watching movies and listening to Christmas carols.
christian3255 christian3255 6 years
I'll be wearing my dearfoams while baking baking holiday cookies with my nieces and nephews!
mermermer mermermer 6 years
When alot of people talk about how good something is, then you know that you have to have it because it is the best. From what I have observed, that applies to Deerfoams. People shouldn't be without them!
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