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Poll: Mo'Nique Doesn't Shave Her Legs

Mo'Nique Goes Unshaven. What Do You Think?

I missed this on Sunday, but apparently Mo'Nique attended the Golden Globes with hairy legs. I know, breaking news, right? Actually, one paper thinks it is: a Daily News writer barely tries to conceal her horror in discussing the actress's leg hair. Mo'Nique, she writes, "forgot to take care of a little beauty matter before the awards — shaving her legs. And if she was at all embarrassed by her shaggy state, she didn't show it."

Pardon me while I facepalm. It's just leg hair, which is so not a big deal in my book. It bums me out that instead of focusing on the 14 awards Mo'Nique has won for her performance in Precious, someone's trying to shame her for kicking the Bic. Do you care one way or another if an actress shaves?

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dontdomediva dontdomediva 7 years
Honestly I really don't care if she shaves her legs or not!!! It's nothing that any of us haven't seen before bcuz we all have hair on our body.! I swear ppl go childish over appearance most of it ain't dang near necessary. If you care that much about how SHE looks the problem isn't hers its YOURS! And she can go Mariah Carey n say "Why you so obsessed with me?" Seriously why are you?
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
Maybe Monique suffers from PCOS.
mommahello mommahello 7 years
The first time I met with my superior on a new job (at 8A.M.) in an office, she was actually wearing a cocktail dress, and her chest hairs were showing. Now THAT grossed me out! It wasn't the circus, after all. Likewise, this display of hairy legs did not appeal to me. personally. But I do not judge her. At least she wasn't wearing a swan around her neck.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
well i never wear skirts or shorts, but i always epilate. i do it for myself and it's disgusting to me to have hairy legs. they don't feel nice at all.
dootsie dootsie 7 years
I still think that it's absolutely mind-boggling that people still give a damn about a woman's body hair. Suck it up, folks.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 7 years
This is really old news. Mo'Nique doesn't shave her legs and hasn't in 4eva. She's discussed why in various interviews, shows and in her stand-up routines.
polkadots567 polkadots567 7 years
well i think it's not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be; shaved or hairy does it really matter either way? and what is a this B.S that it's some feminist thing and making a statement about society or something like that? it's hair. take a chill pill. no one would have noticed unless that daily news person pointed it out. just sayin'.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 7 years
I agree with all - it's her prerogative! Although I, myself, choose to be hairless everywhere but my head and arms. It's unsightly and just icky to me.
TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 7 years
goes to show their are really just human. We all do it from time to time. Always having to shave your legs is soooo annoying. For the most of the time I do, even when wearing pants. I love how smooth my legs feel, plus it keeps my man happy too.
Ayu Ayu 7 years
She's brilliant. I hate shaving, mostly because the hairs grow back so quickly and it hurts as they do or I get ingrown hairs from waxing, so I only do it in the summer. I still have manicured hands, color my hair and pluck my brows. It's not like you either have to look like a total barbie or a total yetti and nothing inbetween. There's plenty of shaved women who don't floss, for example!
summerjams summerjams 7 years
i think having some fine hair is okay, but not when it is curly like men's!
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 7 years
Like some people already mentioned, this is what she does: she's just not into shaving her leggs and that's definitely up to her. Maybe she wants to make a point or maybe she just DOESN'T care. I shave my leggs, it's my personal choice and she has every right to make a choice of her own too. And all the people calling it 'gross', I can think of waaaaaayyyy grosser things. Oh and, anonymous comment #16: I don't know if you are European yourself (as am I), but if you are, what country are you from?? Because personally, I wasn't aware of the fact that European women tend to NOT shave their leggs more often than American women.
RubySnow RubySnow 7 years
Another vote for TOTALLY AWESOME.
Rosay77 Rosay77 7 years
It's an awards show; if one is going to primp and wear a nice dress, the least one can do is shave her legs. That's my opinion and you don't agree with it, I won't waste my time arguing with you.
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