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That's right! All you have to do is put into words how you manage to look adorable in Autumn and win $500! Chinese Laundry Legwear loves two things, Fall and fashion; that's why it has created a new line of Chinese Laundry Legwear that is the perfect pop to keep your legs warm and fashion sense intact. Whether it's stripes, leopard, patterned, footless, tights, or knee-highs, your legs will be lookin' good.

Fall is for fashionistas, so tell us how you add style to your Fall fashion lineup and win $500 (plus some new Chinese Laundry Legwear, score)!

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Leave a comment to share your layering secrets for a chance to win!

Congrats to our winner from September 8:

Oh Fall, how I love Thee
I can once again wear my boots..over the knee.
I pair them with my loooong socks, made of wool
No don't try and tell me I don't look cool!
Because I'm stylin all year round
but maybe more so when the leaves start to hit the ground.
I like wearing tights with crazy patterns
like leopard..or planets..Venus and Saturn.
Chinese Laundry..yes I love that brand
But ya know I really need more than two pairs of those leggings on hand..
a different pair for each day sure would be nice...
then all those boys would always look twice!

- kelliechio

Official Rules

Makeupgirrl Makeupgirrl 6 years
It's such a shame summers gone, no more tan and gorgeous bronzed gams. What a way to show off your winter style, Chinese laundry always makes me smile! Dressing my legs in fabulous tights and leggings is so expressive, I love all of the colors and surprising combinations is sure to keep everyone guessing and looking forward to checking out my legs!
jvanlohn jvanlohn 6 years
Layers give an outfit depth. Also, go skirts/ dresses before going for those jeans. Layer cute jacket and solid scarf over an appropriate dress or skirt/top combo. This will give you warmth, but you won't look boring in jeans. Is is a jeans day? Then be sure to add a colorful scarf or other colorful accessory that pops!
ewhatley ewhatley 6 years
This is a great year to update your wardrobe affordably. Add leggings, tunics and vests to the pants, dresses and skirts already in your wardrobe. Vest shopping tip - shop vintage stores for great looking vests in the mens department.
stef42678 stef42678 6 years
I love wearing Chinese Laundry tights under my skirts and I pair it with a nice sweater. This is a great fall look that still helps you look pretty. Chinese Laundry leggings under a summer dress can create a great fall look with your favorite clothes.
emptywalls09 emptywalls09 6 years
There are many ways to dress leggings but some don’t realize there can also be a wrong way to dress your leggings. Pick outfits that long enough to cover your tosh and lean to make you look taller and thinner. Pair Chinese laundry leggings with knitted jackets, cardigans, dresses just about the knee and below the bump and short skirts. With all the colors and patterns that Chinese Laundry has to offers there is no wrong way to wear leggings this fall, all you have to do is check your closet and pair the right leggings w/the right outfit and you are out the door with your sassy style. Stay warm and leggy this fall!!
emmasmom06 emmasmom06 6 years
All short, all tall, all wide and all small, would most definitely flatter this Fall. With a cute pair of burgundy or brown leggings, a most cute and super soft tunic turtleneck sweater, and if the chill is just right, a trendy beanie. Oh.....and try to remember the super cute uggs. Happy Fall !!!!
lilyk lilyk 6 years
I like to pair leggings with a little black dress, a fitted jacket, and flats.
zc zc 6 years
For me fall is all about tights and cosy knits - the type of sweaters you can wear without a jacket, and scarves.
MeganDollz MeganDollz 6 years
Updating my spring and summer looks with a pair of thick tights and booties are a must to transitioning to fall in style and on trend
MyStyleSpot MyStyleSpot 6 years
For fall, I still like to wear my skirts so I start layering them over tights. I also add a cardigan or vest over my top, I'm totally wanting to get a a fur vest this fall! For a casual look, I will layer a long sleeved tee under a t shirt or blouse. I haven't done this yet but I saw it done and it was so cute, but I want to layer a cute summer dress over leggings and then add a cute light weight sweater over the top.
LilyBiscuit7 LilyBiscuit7 6 years
I rely on great accessories. I'll wear a tunic length sweater and leggings in basic black....then add a purple knit scarf, tall boots, silver bangles and of course a handbag with just a little bling :)
SJO775 SJO775 6 years
There's a huge misconception that wearing less clothes automatically makes you sexier! I feel the exact opposite. Not only are mixing prints totally in for fall, but layering can create a rich, glamorous look instantly. My secret look is layering a pair of Chinese Laundry knee-highs over indigo skinny jeans. Can't forget a show-stopping suede boot over those knee-highs! Then, of course, complete the look with a cashmere scarf and plush motorcycle jacket. The combination of romantic and edgy complete this layered look!
lacretia lacretia 6 years
My favorite fall go-to ensemble is a sweet dress with fabulous leg wear and boots!
kiyana kiyana 6 years
I like to layer pieces, skirts over tights vests over blouses, and I love my scarves!
pattyp1121 pattyp1121 6 years
For me it's about colors & fabric texture, I love the colors of fall...Golds, Burnt Reds, Oranges,Browns, & perhaps wool or corduroy fabrics. My idea of looking adorable would be to throw on a cute sweater dress, leggings, scarf, & perhaps a cute hat as well..finishing of w/ a pair of knee high boots! Out the door I go~ ; )
myprayerpillows myprayerpillows 6 years
Just being comfortable in what I wear.
weezerknowitall weezerknowitall 6 years
I pay attention to jackets and dark shoes.
scottnjoel scottnjoel 6 years
It's all about the tights and scarves.
babayaga11235813 babayaga11235813 6 years
My style for fall exhibits how I feel about fall. There are the cool breezes and vivid colors that hint at nostagia, reminding me of cozy places. So my colors are mostly warm colors with either hints of coal or saturated colors (e.g. indigo). Fabrics of choice are light knit wool, linen, and cottons of various textures. During the fall, my style becomes more simple to contrast with the many colors of fall. Also, my tops have more of a drapping (i.e. folds of fabric) quality.
aliintern aliintern 6 years
My favorite fall outfits has to be my brown plaid jumper with deep purple tights, white oxford shirt, and booties .. I often throw a deep purple, orange or tan cardigan on with it for layering. My best tip for layering is to be and look comfortable, layering looks awkward when it is awkward to wear (too much, too baggy, too warm, too summery) -- a scarf, tights, or cardigan are the perfect layering pieces that are hardly ever at risk for awkward. They can be layered together in the same outfit or apart, they can be used in casual, work, and going out outfit combos. Don't layer just to layer, layer for comfort and situation... and an effortless look should result.
quandRead quandRead 6 years
this is SO cute! what a great way to add a little color and spice to otherwise drab fall/winter looks!!
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