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Presto Chango Cheeks!

Remember those clear mood lip glosses from your pre-teen years that changed color when you put them on? These blushes have been developed based on a similar premise. They start off as clear gels and once applied to your cheeks they adjust according to your specific skin tone - how fab!

Smashbox O-Glow, $26, is formulated to change color on your face to the same natural tone as when you blush. Wow, talk about a natural look!

It takes just seconds for its chemistry to work. When applied, the moisture on your skin activates the Goji Berry-C Complex™ ingredient and your circulation gets going. This results in a fresh looking flush that lasts all day long. This gel blush is waterproof, fragrance free and won't irritate your skin.

For one more presto chango cheek product,

Almay Smart Shade Makeup, $14, is a foundation based on the same principle as the gel blush. It starts off as a whitish/grey color and it contains color beads that are activated when they are rubbed into your skin.

It is a lightweight, nourishing formula that contains SPF 15, aloe, Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, grape seed extract, ginseng and ginkgo biloba extract, It helps to even out your skin tone as well as complement your skin.

It looks best on skin that normally calls for a honey or tan foundation. It is hypoallergenic and won't clog pores. Just apply with fingertips and blend smoothly onto your cheeks. Available in three shades: light, light/medium and medium

Join The Conversation
greekgodless greekgodless 10 years
I tried the O glow in sephora and it was awful! it stained my fingers immediately and the effect wasn't any better than, let's say, a nice Stile or Tarte cream/gel blush.
pinkraindrops pinkraindrops 10 years
I tried this and got this really insane bright pink. I know I don't naturally turn that color.
stickyheels stickyheels 10 years
I ran in to Sephora last week when I heard about this Smashbox O-Glow stuff...really trippy. It came out completely clear and once I smoothed it over the back of my hand it immediately turned into a soft but bright shade of pink (assuming this IS my "natural blush" color -- I was very happy since it looked the same as what I normally use, Benetint). I'd like to see what other shades it turns on other people though...I just really doubt the reality of it's "individuality" on differing skintones...
juliet juliet 10 years
hmmmmm, what does the "O" stand for I wonder... ;-)
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