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Pretty Solid Perfume Ideas

Pretty, Purse-Perfect Solid Perfumes

Solid perfume has been popular since at least ancient Egyptian times, and for good reason. It's eminently portable, won't leak, and the base makes for soft, skin-flattering scents that don't give bystanders a headache. Solid scents get a bad rap as literal one-note affairs, but the five following fragrances are as beautiful as the tins they come in. To see which scent you should be carrying around in your purse, learn more below.

  1. Clinique Aromatics Elixir ($65)
    This scent is a classic, and so is the amber resin topped compact it comes in. It's beautiful without being even a little bit girlish, a blend of moss, rose, jasmine, and sandalwood that has a dark, medicinal tinge. Try it if you love Guerlain Mitsouko or Diorella.
  2. Stussy X ATWM ($36)
    Perfumery A Treatise on White Magic really has created a bit of witchcraft with this deep floral scent, which smells like gardenias and dries down to a skin-skimming floral coconut milk scent. If you like Harajuku Lovers G, this is like a more sophisticated iteration of that scent.
  3. Happ & Stahns ($26)
    Love roses, needlepoint, and anything even tangentially related to either? You'll love this perfectly English rose fragrance, then.
  4. Lulu Beauty ($35) This pretty gold compact comes loaded with your choice of Dame, a heady, adult floral, or Gigi, a lighter fruity floral. This one is also great because after you use the solid it comes with, you can load in any perfume you'd like.
  5. Marc Jacobs Woman ($55)
    Sophisticated and altogether grown up, this fragrance is as sleek and minimalist as its beautiful black leather topped compact. It's not for fans of Daisy or Lola, but if you've been wearing men's cologne and are now looking for something a little more feminine, this could become your signature scent.
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