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Prevent Nail Polish Remover Spills in Your Carry-On

Traveling With Nail Polish Remover: Bad Idea

A mysterious smell permeating throughout the cabin of a recent Australian flight caused the crew to make an emergency landing. The culprit? It was likely a leaky polish remover coming from a passenger's bag. While a few fell ill as a result of the fumes, luckily, all affected were treated and have made a full recovery.

Don't want to be the one responsible for your next flight to be diverted due to a stinky spill? Consider packing Avon's Nail Enamel Remover Wipes ($5) instead. Or pick up a small bottle at the drugstore when you reach your destination — it's cheap. Another option is simply to stop in a salon for a quick polish removal and touch-up service.

But if you must pack nail polish remover on your carry-on, first follow TSA's 3-1-1 policy. After twisting the cap tightly, tape to the bottle to secure. Then you're cleared for takeoff.

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